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White Label Lube= LsStuff Order page
**updated 4-27-17**
e-mail . to order, Or print this page and mail to:

Glenn Larsen 

364 Indian Point Rd.
Ward, AR 72176   USA

The USPS Flat Rate Envelope will hold up to 14 sticks in tubes or 26 in bags
The Medium Flat rate boxwill hold 70 sticks in tubes or 100 in bags
Hollow sticks will be sent unless solid is asked for.
Carnauba Red:   Solid_____ or Hollow_____ Tube($2.40)_____,  Bag($2.15)_____, __________
2500:   Solid_____ or Hollow_____ Tube($2.40)_____,  Bag($2.15)_____, __________
BAC:   Solid_____ or Hollow_____ Tube($2.40)_____,  Bag($2.15)_____, __________
50-50:                 Solid_____ or Hollow_____ Tube($2.40)_____,  Bag($2.15)_____, __________
Commercial160: Solid_____ or Hollow_____ Tube($2.50)_____,  Bag($2.25)_____, __________
Commercial190: Solid_____ or Hollow_____ Tube($2.60)_____,  Bag($2.35)_____, __________

2x6"sticks 50-50, BAC, 2500+, C-Red:  ($7.55)______________, 5 in FR-envelope or 18 in FR-box.
2x6"sticks Commercial160:  ($7.95)______________, 5 in FR-envelope or 18 in FR-box.
2x6"sticks Commercial 190:  ($8.30)______________, 5 in FR-envelope or 18 in FR-box.
Lube by the Pound, 50-50, BAC, 2500+, C-Red: $12.40_______, ____________________
Lube by the Pound, Commercial160:                 $13.25_______, ____________________
Lube by the Pound, Commercial190:                 $13.75_______, ____________________
Lube by the Pound, BP-01 Black Powder Lube:  $17.00______,_____________
Xlox 350 1quart, approx 2 lb. 1 will fit in a Flat Rate Envelope, 5 will fit in Flat Rate Box. ($12.95)______,
Liquid Xlox 32 oz bottle. 5 bottles will fit in a Flat Rate Box or 1 in the Envelope. ($12.95)______,
Liquid Xlox  16 oz bottle. 19 bottles per box. ($10.80)_______,
45-45-10 Delux X-Lox   32 oz bottle     ($17.25)_____________,
45-45-10 Delux X-Lox    16 oz bottle     ( $12.95)____________,
*** Xlox 350 and Liquid Xlox, Outside US destinations, email for a shipping quote.***
Sub Total _______.   
Shipping: Most packages will be shipped in Priority mail Flat Rate Envelopes or Boxes.
The shipping fees are actual charges, which include delivery confirmation on every package we can.
The Flat Rate Envelope is $6.65in the US, $23.95 to Canada and $33.95 to most other countries.
The Flat rate box is $13.60 in the US, $45.95to Canada and $66.50 to most other countries.


Shipping ________
Total ___________

Ship To:
Name:__________________________ Contact phone # _______-_______-___________
Address:______________________, ____________________________
City:___________________________ State:____________ Zip Code:_________
Country_______________,         e-mail________________________________

All checks or money orders must be in US Dollars, And payable to Glenn Larsen.
We do take PayPal at    PayPal .
If you send payment through PayPal, please include the details of what you want.
Dealer inquires or bulk orders for resale are welcomed, e-mail for price break of $.10 for (40+ sticks).
We try to ship new orders every day, but it can take up to 5-10 days depending on how busy we are.