Fire in White Label Lube shop                                             The Last Sunday of September 2013
Hi all. We had some excitment here Sunday night.
As the wife said, we take 2 steps forward and 120 steps back.
A fire started in our shop-origin unkown, everything had been turned off the whole day as we did yard work instead. The fire spread from one end to the other very fast. From the moment we noticed it, it was already too big and hot for us to do anything, so the wife called 911 as I cut the power to the shop. The rapidly spreading fire was headed towards the side of the shop where we had a 200 gal propane tank, so we gathered up the kids and the dogs and went to the end of the driveway(long driveway-we're scouts so we always had an emergency plan . The first responders were on the scene in about 2 mins and the firetrucks started ariving a few minutes after that. I informed every incoming truck about the gun room with the piles of ammo, gunpowder, primers, propane tanks... That's about when the ammo started cooking off.

Long story short, noone was hurt, the shop is a total loss including the gun room. Insurance has already been by, we are covered, now to start the clean up process.

We have lots of premade lube sticks and bottles in the office in the house, so orders will still be going out while we order new supplies and get setup to work out of the barn. We appreciate all of your patience and support in this trying time. If you order something that we can not get out within a couple of days, we let you know and can give anyone a refund that can't wait a few more days.

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